Welcome to FixerTurk, your production service company in Türkiye. With our extensive local knowledge, industry expertise, and wide network of professionals, we offer comprehensive support for your film and audiovisual projects. From location scouting to logistics management, permits, and talented crews, we’ve got you covered. Let us bring your vision to life in the captivating beauty of Turkey.

Looking to shoot your next project in an affordable yet stunning location? Look no further than Turkey, where film and audiovisual costs are remarkably reasonable compared to other European countries. And when it comes to accessibility, Turkey shines bright with over 1500 daily flights to Istanbul Airport from around the world.

When you choose Turkey as your shooting destination, consider partnering with FixerTurk, a premier production service company. FixerTurk is renowned for their expertise in the local industry, providing comprehensive support throughout your production journey. From scouting exceptional locations to obtaining permits, managing logistics, and hiring talented local crews, FixerTurk has you covered.

Turkey itself offers a mesmerizing array of landscapes that will breathe life into your visuals. From the awe-inspiring historical sites of Istanbul to the magical Cappadocia region’s surreal landscapes, you’ll find a diverse range of backdrops to suit your creative vision.
Experience the warmth and hospitality of the Turkish people while working with FixerTurk’s dedicated team. Their local knowledge and industry connections will ensure a smooth production process, allowing you to focus on capturing captivating footage.

So, join the countless filmmakers who have discovered the magic of Turkey. With FixerTurk by your side, affordable costs, and easy accessibility, your shooting experience in Turkey will be nothing short of extraordinary. Get ready to bring your vision to life against the backdrop of this mesmerizing country.

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